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We provide comprehensive and compassionate mental health and wellness services to children, adolescents and adults in California, Oregon and Alaska.

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Educational Services
Psycho-Educational Assessment

Psycho-Educational Assessment

A Psycho-Educational Evaluation provides a comprehensive overview of a child’s functioning in the school, including the following domains: cognitive, processing, academic, and social skills as well as a summary of the child’s emotional well-being and learning strengths. Psycho-Educational Evaluations include a thorough explanation of how the child’s strengths and learning patterns can be applied in the school setting to improve performance, social relations and positive adjustment.

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ADHD Coach - 6 Week Program

ADHD/ADD Evaluation

  • Clinical Interview with the psychiatrist, and comprehensive evaluation by the educational psychologist
  • Necessary blood work to rule out medical conditions/co-morbid disorders
  • Teacher and Parent Rating scales for Attention as well as a screening for other disorders such as depression and anxiety
  • ADHD Self-Report Form
  • Conners’ Continuous Performance Test (CPT) – a task-based computerized assessment of attention disorders and neurological functioning. The CPT II can be used to screen for or diagnose ADHD/ADD, monitor treatment, test the effects of medication, or determine optimal drug dosage.
  • Feedback and Education – Q&A Session
  • Detailed Report and Treatment Recommendations including, but not limited to medications, study strategies, natural food supplements and behavior modifications.

Learning Disability Evaluation

Academic assessments are completed to identify how the child learns best with their specific set of skills.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) & Section 504 Plan Assessments /Meetings

Our clinicians help schedule school Individualized Education Plan (IEP) / 504 meetings, request records, collaborate with teachers, school counselors and other practice personnel involved with your child. We interpret assessments, help develop IEP – especially measurable goals and objectives and receive services and accommodations based on your child’s unique needs. Our clinicians also facilitate ongoing communication during the IEP process so that the parent feels like an equal part of the educational team.

Educational Consultation/School Collaboration

Observations are done to observe the child in the learning or social setting of concern to see the authentic interactions in their learning environment. We recognize the importance of collaboration and maintaining strong relationships with teachers, special educators from multiple disciplines, and parents to think creatively in order to meet the special needs of children with ranging disabilities.

Educational Consultation for Gifted & Talented students (GATE/SEMINAR program)

Some students possess unique talents across a range of multiple intelligences and require a differentiated curriculum and more challenging enrichment opportunities to realize their full potential. An educational consultant could help.

Student/Parent Coaching

We help students with organizational skills, study habits, time-management strategies, note-taking and test preparation. Student coaching is geared toward helping the student gain skills in learning strategies and self-advocacy. Parent coaching places a parent in the student’s role. We help parents learn strategies to develop their child’s strengths and mitigate their weakness to provide an optimal environment for learning and success.

Classroom Observations/School- Based Therapy & Behavior Support

Working with the kids in the school setting can help target the problem behavior, find appropriate replacement behaviors, and implement an effective intervention plan to achieve success. School based occupational therapy could help.

Social Skills Training

Social Skills Training is a form of behavior therapy used to help children, adolescents and teenagers who present with difficulty relating to others.

Advocacy Services

Advocating for children in their school systems and with other service providers. We help parents in navigating the maze of assessment, services, and professionals to select what is best for the child. We advocate for the child/ parent to prevent the blaming of the child or the parent for the child’s difficulties and develop a team approach that appropriately address the child’s disability and how it effects their ability to be educated.

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