Dr. Ashok Parameswaran, MD


Dr. Ashok Parameswaran, MD

Parameswaran is a licensed and board certified psychiatrist. Born outside of Philadelphia PA, he moved to San Diego for residency. He has worked at Achieve Medical Center for more than six years. In San Diego, he has worked in a variety of outpatient clinical care settings serving patients from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.


  • Bachelors Degree - Ursinus College
  • Medical School - University of Virginia
  • Psychiatry Residency - University of California at San Diego

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What can patients expect from you as a provider? I try to work with all patients in an individualized, thorough manner. From this perspective, I try to both learn about the biological aspects which may be impacting your current presentation as well as any psychosocial aspects to your current state. This thorough approach is designed to identify the best possible treatment options for your life situation. Once we mutually create a treatment plan and goals, I enjoy having careful follow-ups so I can accurately get your feedback about what may or may not be working.

What do you specialize in? I am a general psychiatrist and have experience in the treatment of a variety of mental health conditions. In general, my practice focuses on the treatment of mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders including panic and phobic disorders, ADHD, OCD and PTSD.

What makes you different as a provider? I value a patient centered thorough approach. I welcome the opportunity (if desired) to work with loved ones or family members as part of your treatment. I also value the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with outside providers. I also enjoy working with patients who are more interested in alternative and complementary approaches to treat their symptoms including use of nutritional supplements as well as psychotherapy.

How long have you lived in Southern California? I moved to Southern California more than 15 years ago. After completing residency, I chose to stay after graduation in 2005.

What sort of interests or hobbies do you have? I enjoy running, cooking, baking, watching movies/sports and reading.