Hillary Friedberg, LMFT


Hillary Friedberg, LMFT

Hillary Friedberg, MA, LMFT is a compassionate clinician with 20 years of experience working with diverse populations struggling with a range of mental health challenges. She values each individual and supports their recovery goals by using evidence-based treatments. Friedberg has specialized experience treating addictions and people affected by addictions in their family systems. She has provided counseling in hospital outpatient programs, community mental health clinics, on college campuses and in elementary-schools.


Awards & Certificates

Clinical Interests

Addictive disorders, women's issues, and relationship issues.



What makes you different as a provider? My experience in the arts, studying abroad and working in many different treatment settings allows me to build supportive relationships with people from diverse backgrounds facing unique challenges. These experiences have developed the breadth of treatment I provide and the ability to be versatile and creative in my approach that honors the whole person.

How would you describe your family? I’m grateful to be part of a supportive family that includes my husband of 20 years, our teenager and pets.

What sort of interests and hobbies do you have? I value the balance of work and play in my life and love renewing in the outdoors and nature. Even if I don’t always hit all the right notes, learning to play the piano as an adult has been a fun and challenging new adventure! 

Can you recommend five resources for your patients?