Paul Yearby, CLPRC, CPRSR

Life Coach

Paul Yearby, CLPRC, CPRSR


  • Certification for RecoveryCoaching – World Coach Institute
  • Certification for Recovery Specialist – Bold North Recovery Coach Academy

Awards & Certificates

  • Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Reciprocal
  • Certified Life/Professional/Recovery Coach

Clinical Interests

Motivator, compassion, and listening.



What can your patients expect from you as a provider? As a patient, you can expect an ally, confidant, motivator, cheerleader, mentor, role model, and problem solver among many other services that will assist in their recovery.    

What makes you different as a provider? One of the things I hear a lot as I work in this field is clients saying that the counseling and/or therapist can not tell them anything because they may not have had their experience (though I know that is not true). I bring some of the same experience with me over because I once was a client, so I come from an experimental standpoint!

How would you describe your family? My family would be described as supportive.

What sort of interests or hobbies do you have?

  • I have interest in being a motivational speaker so that I can speak hope to the hopeless.
  • Shopping
  • Fitness and weightlifting

Can you recommend five resources for your patients?

  • Recovery support.
  • Building trust of others.
  • Reaching out to and being around new people.
  • Changing the places they frequent.
  • Becoming involved in recovery activities.