Sarai Rodriguez, AMFT


Sarai Rodriguez, AMFT

As an aspiring, young, and budding therapist, Sarai has encountered many obstacles. The journey may have been daunting at times, but still Sarai persevered; countless distractions and unexpected events could have caused permanent derailment. However, Sarai intrinsically knew that her purpose was to help others in distress, in particular children, teens, and families.


Awards & Certificates

Clinical Interests

Children, teens, and familes.


English, Spanish

What can patients expect from you as a provider? You can expect a safe, none-judgmental, empathetic, environment, where support and comfort are provided. This is best to assist you (the patient) to reach your version of self-actualization.

What makes you different as a provider? I present skills tailored to meet your needs, in a fun and humorous manner. Simultaneously providing an empathetic and supportive presence in the often scary moments of life; is what I believe makes me different from other providers.

How would you describe your family? My family is united and diverse. We are not perfect, but love and support each other wholeheartedly.

What sort of interests or hobbies do you have? Reading, writing, working out, and hiking.

Can you recommend five resources for your patients?